Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Potty Training Attempt?!

I'm thinking it's time to teach her what this "pitty pink circle" is for?! I want so badly to keep putting potty training off, but after she thought her "pitty pink circle" was a necklace, I've decided to commit to thinking about potty training. We'll see how it goes.

This is what she does when I ask her to smile...everything but.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Eew Nassy Mud!

My child is a struggler! We had some much needed nice weather last week and we decided to go to the park with some friends. I think we got a little over zealous - there are reasons you don't go to the park in February. There was mud everywhere, which wouldn't have been too much of a problem if I wasn't a struggler too! I was not paying attention and Rani took off straight into the mud. I wish I had my camera for the actual moment of the fall and the moments right after! It was hilarious. She just sat there frozen, not sure what happened or what to do. Being the super mom that I am I dropped my bag, hiked my pants and ran to get her.(I use the term "super" loosely, considering it was me that let her run right into the mud in the first place.) She was TRAUMATIZED! Needless to say she was not happy and neither was I, because we had been there a total of 5 minutes and I need the park time as much as she does! Luckily there happened to be another mom there we knew and she came running to me holding a pair of her little boys sweatpants. I was sooooo grateful, it totally saved the day. unfortunately she continued to struggle. She fell a number of times even after the "nassy mud" insident". Rani is now completely terrified of mud or anything that resembles mud. Any time we walk outside she makes a WIDE girth around whatever she thinks is mud and says "watch out the mud, mommy. Eew Nassy". I love it, she's so funny. The other morning we were watching Daddy walk to the bus out the window and she says "Bye Daddy. Have good day. Watch out the mud Daddy". Lesson of the day - don't go to the park in the middle of winter, and if you must, pay attention to where your kids are running to!!!