Friday, March 27, 2009


I'm sitting here at the computer, totally defeated. My child just won. After a long morning at the gym and a trip to Target and Old Navy I thought Rani would be good and tired - nope. I just tried to put her down for a nap, a process of which that took 35 minutes! Forget that it's already almost 3:00 and the whole time I'm telling myself this is not worth the fight, she's is so not going to go to bed tonight if I let her sleep. Still, I'm determined, (As determined as possible for Stacee.) and I will win this little battle. They say pick your battles, so why I chose this one is a mystery to me. We both knew who was going to win from the start. Finally after 35 minutes of crying and whining,(Rani, not me!) I relent and go in and get her. Stinker. As soon as I get her out of the crib she looks at me with her most pleased Rani face and says "Yay, I did it"! We all know who runs the house. It's going to be interesting when she's a teenager!!! Last Sunday at church Rani was really struggling. We hadn't even gotten through the first speaker and she was all over the place. The minute the speaker finishes and everyone says amen Rani goes "Yay, we're done"! She continued to do this after the Choir sang, and again after every speaker. I'm glad those around us thought it was funny, I was totally embarrassed!!! Oh, my funny, stubborn, smart, way more determined than me child. I just love her. :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Saturday the group went out to dinner to celebrate Joe finishing up and getting his PhD. We went to Don Pablo's - one of the very few decent Mexican restaurants out here - and had a lot of fun. They hand out pieces of dough for the kids to play with and Rani kept asking me to make her an elephant?! My elephant wasn't Worth taking a picture of, but Anne's on the other hand...kicked my elephants trash. Surprisingly, Rani did pretty good at dinner. We've really been trying to work with her to sit still and stay at the table. I know it doesn't sound like a lot, but for Rani it's like asking her to be in a straight jacket! The kid LOVES ice cream, so we bribed her. She also loved seeing Joe in the "big,funny hat", apparently they don't have a song they sing for getting your PhD (weird) so they brought out the sombrero and sang Happy Birthday instead. We're so happy for Joe he is going to be sorely missed!

Then we headed on over to the Isom's for a "Pie (as in 3.14) Day Party. They crack me up! We had pie and played Guitar Hero. The kids ran around in their jammies and had tons of fun too. The little boys were so serious about playing the game it was so cute. All we needed was the microphone and we would have been complete. I'm not quite the rock star on the guitar I'd like to be, but someone get me a mic and I'll show you some mad skills!