Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"Stingy Rays" and Birthdays!

For Danny and Rani's birthdays we decided to take advantage of the discount "Friday's after 5:00" discount at the Baltimore aquarium. (It may or may not have mostly been for Danny!) Despite a few tense moments in some killer traffic in down town Baltimore- anyone who knows Danny or Rani knows what I'm talking about - we had a lot of fun! Rani was just loving running around, up and down the ramps and trying to climb on everything. She loved the "stingy rays", now when we play charades at Seema's she loves to lay on the ground with her arms and legs spread out and tells everyone she is a stingy ray!

Then we had a few friends over for some cupcakes. Rani loved it. I think we've celebrated her birthday about 7 times. She is still singing "happy birthday to you me". Her favorite thing in the world right now is to have people sing to her and blowing out candles! I can't believe she is two already. That girl is the greatest challenge I think I have ever come across...and my greatest joy. She is so stinkin smart. (I heard her count to 27 the other day!) She has more personality than I know what to do with!!! Here is a little tribute to my Spunky, smart, sassy, sweet, adorable little girl!

*Riding in friends cars
*Eatin straight peanut butter
*Singing happy birthday to herself
*Watching Daddy get on the bus
*Doing anything by herself
*Hide and Seek
*Mini marshmallows

Rani's Not So Fav's:
*Riding in the car
*Sitting still
*Riding in the car
*People who don't play hide and seek
*Riding in the car
*And last but not least, RIDING IN THE CAR!

Rani's catch phrases (Everything starts with "Uh")
*"Two seconds guys"
*"Uh help you?"
*Uh play with me?"
*"Uh by myself"
*"Sing it Mommy"
*"Uh hold you?"
*"Uh ride in EEbels's car?!"
*"How a doing?"
*"Hi guys"
*"Hey, hey, shake uh booty"

Happy birhtday, I you my Ranster Montser!!!


I know, I know. Where have I been?! Let's see...I've been in Utah for Christmas, then it was Danny's b-day, then Rani's b-day, time just flies! It's taken us a little while to transition back from Utah. I think we had too good of a time - Danny and Rani especially. Rani (Truth be told - Danny too!) thoroughly enjoyed her animal time. It was like her own personal heaven there. Dogs, cats, horses, cows, she can never get enough. We had a little pre b-day party for her so family could come. It was nice, last year was a little sad for me having no family on her first birthday. :( It was a fun trip here are a few highlights of the other highlights!

Friday, January 9, 2009

WOW, Christmas is over already...I'll be changing my music now!

Sorry. It's been crazy and busy as usual, but I will do you all a favor and kill the Christmas music! No time for a real post yet. I'll get to it, but I should probably finish unpacking first!!! (I HATE very few things as much as I hate packing and unpacking!)