Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Life Is Starting To Get Back To Normal!!!

We went to the beach last weekend with some friends and had so much fun. Danny and I feel like we are finally getting back on track. It truley has been 3 long, trying years, and we are just now starting to get the hang of better balancing our time in the chaos and stress that is graduate school! It has been a really long time since poor Danny has had the physical or mental energy to do anything but survive. We thought it might be a nice change to try and start LIVING and not just SURVIVING! I am so lucky to have a husband who is so driven and such a hard worker, but even luckier to have a husband who knows when to take a step back and refocus on what is really most important.

Rani and Mikey enjoying some beach time. Rani LOVES Mikey, he is so stinkin cute with her, if only she'd sit still long enough for him to explain to her all about his Transformers, they'd be best friends!

I love the board walk at Rehoboth. Games, rides, giant buckets of boardwalk french fries, what more do you need?!
After what seemed like a ten mile walk with chairs, coolers towels, backpacks, and kids (Anybody seen the intro to "Yes, Dear"?!) we made it to our spot. Danny, who usually is a big, fat wuss when it comes to cold water, decided he needed to prove his manhood with Stafford.

After some male bonding time in the waves, leslie and I decided it was our turn. While out in the water this is what happens when you leave the dads alone for an extended period of time!

Look what we found! But what to do with it?

Danny recruited a local to have some fun with Satfford! He thought he'd see how close it could get before Stafford would scream like a little girl!

Friday, June 20, 2008


I realize there is like 9,000 pictures here, but for some reason I am an idiot and can't figure out how to do collages? So if any of you who are reading this would like to throw me a bone I would really appreciate it! We had so much fun in Utah seeing everyone. Sorry so many pictures, but we were there for 6 weeks, that's a lot time to take pictures!

Nice shot Grandpa. I told you your driver was the way to go.

Nothing like sneaking your kid on the golf course!

Rani was a big fan of the golf carts.


It's all fun and games on the air matress until someone falls off. Seconds after this was taken Cobey totally ate it and fell off!

If rani could talk I know she would beg to go back to utah just to see the horses!

Memorial day at Grandpa Phil's grave. We love you and will miss you so much Grandpa.

Danny was trying to block the sun but Cobey thought he was supposed to put his hand up too! (I LIKE YOU COBEY PENNER!)

Danny and I got to go on a quick date while we were in Utah. We drove around trying to decide what to do with our free time - that we NEVER get - and decided we were parched. Good thing we had a sippy cup in the car!
My Rani-Llama

Rani had a lot of fun playing at Grandma and Grandpa B's with Bailey

Add Turtles to her list of dislikes! We went to Willow park in Logan and Rani loved it - except for the turtle. She wouldn't go near it. She is so Random???

Good thing Bompa is skinny!
Seat belts - terrifying. Large, charging, hungry geese - not a problem? I think the ducks and geese were running from Rani!

After a long day at Nanna's sometime you just need a bottle

Oh, uncle Buddha we miss you!

Jarron was so cute with Rani. They had so much fun together.

Fun on the "jumpoline"!

Here kitty, kitty, kitty

Rani's look of confusion as to why the kitty just won't play with her???

Still looking for kitty!

So much fun in Utah!

Oh look we're having fun....

Until someone tries to buckle Rani!

Look at my pretty face

Such a good grandpa. Between the horses and the swing poor grandpa was busy.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


The East Coast is on Fire! It has been soooo hot and humid here, it's unbearable. (I feel like I live in Texas again!) We had some major weeds to pull last weekend and poor rani, who would live outside if she could, kept trying to go back inside. She was dripping sweat!

Make shift pool, since we have absolutely no time or energy to open ours before we move!

As a result of the heat we stay inside, and this is what happens when a 18 month old gets bored! She put three layers of pajama pants on over her shorts, don't ask me why??? And when I tried to take them off she got so irritated with me, telling me "no, no, no"!

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Wow,it has been a crazy few months! I knew it was time to blog when I told my friend Leslie that I hadn't blogged for a while and she said - "yeah, I know". Sorry! So... right where I left off, My mom and dad came out a day after Shelley, Amy, Kim, and Jaxon left. We had tons of fun going to Philly, the Inner Harbor, and Lancaster (Amish country), Rani of course, screamed most of the time in the car, but I really do think she's getting better! This is all I can get time to do for now, I promise I will keep updating this week!

Posing with Nanna outside of Independence Hall

Right outside famous Geno's right in the heart of ghetto philly!