Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Whata Man, Whata Man, Whata Mighty Good Man...

I'm not one to post long gushy make everyone nauseated while reading posts, but I came across this picture a few days ago and feel like I need to give Danny a shout out. (Yes, I just said "shout out"!) This would be my super cute husband lugging Rani and the ever so demasculinizing purse while taking his mom to her treatments at the hospital. Need I say more? This last weekend I went to the beach with some friends for a few days. Danny jumped at the opportunity to have a daddy/daughter weekend - probably to get a break from my constant micro managing! I am starting to doubt my abilities as a stay at home mom! I came home to a spotless house, a happy child, dinner on the table and ALL the laundry done...AND put away! This from a man who see nothing wrong with using a laundry basket as a dresser/closet. I was so impressed. I should've known. The whole weekend I'm thinking "boy is he going to appreciate me when I get home, it's not as easy as it looks" (giggle giggle). Turns out if you're Danny Bilbao it is. It is so like him to rise to the occasion and go above and beyond. He took Rani to see the goats, went to get his suit fixed, and went into the lab! I am so grateful for him. I could not have chosen a better father or husband. He works so hard and has made so many sacrifices for our little family and unfortunately I don't tell him how much I appreciate what he does nearly as much as he tells me. Love you Bilbs!

Nobody does fall like the northeast!

Out here fall is kind of a big deal, what with all the apple picking, hay rides and fall festivals. It is actually really fun. (score 1 for team Delaware!) We went apple picking at a fun little place over in Maryland with some friends. The apples were so yummy and so cheap and to top it all off there is a petting zoo! Rani has now replaced her obsession with the "sourses" with the goats. She loves those crazy little things.

Isabel, Mikey and Rani having a sample

Some of those apples in the background were the size of Rani's head

The escape artist

Tell me this thing doesn't creep you out?!

Danny the goat whisperer. Stafford wondering to himself if Danny isn't enjoying himself a little more than the kids?!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Yet Another Utah Trip...

I've been meaning to post these pictures for a while now, but of course have put it off time and time again. Those of you who know me know my little brain struggles and I tend to get overwhelmed easily. I really wanted to do a cute slide show or even a collage, but I just don't have the time to do it. Oh well. Utah was fun, and a whirl wind as usual. Too many people and fun things to do and NEVER enough time, but I have to just be grateful for the time I do get. We are lucky to have so many wonderful parents, grandparents, cousins, siblings and friends to come home to. Rani developed a not so healthy obsession with "sources" (horses) and "cayots" (carrots). She demanded to be taken out to the horses behind Shelley and Lee's house to feed them carrots first thing in the morning and would continue this until we put her to bed. It got pretty bad, I'm convinced she is going to hate us if we don't get her a horse for her second birthday! Peach Days was fabulous and trashy as ever, at one point Danny asked me why all the people from Elkton flew out for Peach Days! (Sorry Elktonites!) Most of all it was good to see family and Shelley. We are so grateful that she is doing well and being such a trooper. I just wish we could do more to help, but what do you do when you live so far away?!

One of MANY trips to feed the stupid horses.

We thought we;d give the ferris wheel a try...

Not so much. She was not very happy.
Rani's other cute cousin - Jaxon

Pickin some peaches, which by the way, were some of the best peaches ever!

Rani and Nanna

RAni hanging on for dear life on the merry-go-round
Rani with her cute cousins Jarron and Cobey

Enjoying a little "totter totter" time with Bompa

Buddha the kid magnet

Rani having a "cayot" melt down. It was pitiful.