Friday, April 25, 2008

Shelley, Kim, Jaxon and Amy came out to see us. We had tons of fun. (Despite all of Rani's screaming in the car!) Here we are at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore - which I love! We went to the Aquarium there and loved it! Definately worth the trip.

The dolphin show was so cool. Another calling I missed in life - dolphin trainer. I could totally do that. Rani was completely entertained for once!

Rani loved looking at all the fish once we could get her to stay in our arms.

Rani is forever trying to get away. You'd think we'd be skinnier as much as we chase her! She refuses to be normal and sit in her stroller. It's sole purpose is to carry all of our crap - not Rani!

Again, trying to get away, even if it's with the sharks!

Here's Brucey!

Oh, cute Jaxon. So quiet, so mellow. How would it be?!
Here we are at Hershey park. As you can tell, Rani was not a huge fan of this ride. She ended up crying almost the whole time. Poor Jaxon couldn't understand what was wrong with her.

Shortly after the dragon ride!
It was pretty chilly, but Rani and Jaxon loved the rides.

Rani's favorite thing was rocking out to the merry-go-round music. She's such a spaz, you gotta love her!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

WOW, I am a big fat slacker. Sorry! We have had a crazy month between going to Florida, having tons of family in town and our child deciding to go through her "terrible two's" at 1. So, I'll keep it short. Florida was awesome. The Ellen show was so fun - Paula Dean was on!!! I'm her biggest fan. I was sooo excited. (Danny told me I'd have to restrain myself or we'd get kicked out!) We went to Disney world one day and loved it, weather was beautiful and leaving Rani with Shelley was the best decision we've ever made! Here are some pictures!

Danny TOTALLY made me do this! For those of you who don't know - this is "Flo Rida"! (He sings this upbeat, but somewhat ghetto fabulous number you're listening to right now!) He performed on the previous taping and just hung around after and sang the song again. Everybody was going up to him and getting autographs and pictures so Danny thought it would be funny to make me do it too! He was laughing hysterically as he practically pushed me up to him and took the picture. As you can tell, I was laughing too and so completely embarrassed! He was actually pretty nice, though, a little sweaty but nice - I'm a dork.

Here is a group of all the winners with Ellen. People were being all pushy to be able to stand next to her. It was funny.

Our hotel was in Universal Studios, so it was awesome to just be able to walk right over.

Us on Pirates of the Carribean.

On the Jaws ride, which actually turns out to be kind of lame!

Danny eating nasty sushi in Japan in Epcott.

Can you see the Ginormous bats in the background? I thought I'd leave in the red eye for effect!
Here we are in Animal Kingdom, Danny's home away from home!

Me being the bird whisperer.

Danny's long lost best friend. He was so giddy about this thing you'd think it was Beyonce!

Check out my sunburn. Ouch.