Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bilbao Family Pictures At Last!

Here are our first official famly pictures- it only took us about a year to do! Jesse Peterson did them for us, and I think she did a fabulous job. These aren't the final cut. She still has to touch them up, but I couldn't wait to post them so some family could see them. Rani was for some reason in a very serious mood.(Maybe beause it was flippin freezing!) Her poor little nose is red in most of them! Oh well, we'll take some more next summer or something!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Merry Christmas!

We had an awesome Christmas this year. It was fun to watch Rani open presents and play with her toys. I think she had more fun ripping the paper than with most of the toys, though.

We got busy opening presents when I noticed it had gotten quiet. Quiet is never a good thing with Rani, last time she got quiet there was no diaper and some poop involved. Anyway, I look over and she's just going to town on something, turns out it was danny's beef jerky from his stalking. She's as gross as her dad, nothing like beef for breakfast!

Give Me The Keys Woman!

Check out what Santa brought Jaxon! He took Rani for a ride in his new wheels in the basement. Danny was so jealous, no really. I think Danny was dissapointed it wasn't for him! It's probably a good thing it wasn't too. I wouldn't even let Rani ride in that thing if Danny was driving. Those of you who have been in a golf cart with him understand!

Oh Grandpa

Rani is really into copying right now. She loves to watch people and do what they do. You can just tell the hampster is on the wheel when she looks at you! She just stares and tries to figure out how she can do what you're doing. Scary!

Rani loved hanging out with her cousins Jaxon and Libby!

I love Jaxon and Rani's faces in this picture. They look so irritated, maybe Grandma was taking too long with the pancakes!