Tuesday, October 28, 2008

4 Lucky Girls With 4 Awesome Husbands!

A couple of weeks ago me and my four good buddies (Sorry to all my other good buddies out here who couldn't come!) did a girls trip to N.Y.. Thanks to Angela and her no nonsense way of doing things, we actually didn't just talk about it...we did it! Also to her credit, her dad totally hooked us up with the Marriott Marque in Times Square for...FREE 99! It was awesome. Killer view, sweet service and prime location. The trip was so much fun and we are all so lucky to have super supportive husbands who say - "sure go ahead, leave me with the kids for the weekend. Go spend money, giggle, have a pillow fight and eat like sumo wrestlers"! Thanks again Boys!

Mmmm...food! We had some really good food. We basically skipped lunch, unintentionally, everyday trying to get as much in as possible. While in China town I found an Asian pear (my FAVORITE) the size of my head. It was happiness in the form of a fruit. Really. I was so happy eating it, I wish I had one right now. Also in China town, Ang and I split a giant bag of fortune cookies, which later, me being me, I left at the restaraunt. It got thrown away, but as luck would have it we were dining at an Asian restaraunt... so they gave us a big bag full of their fortune cookies. (Who says the service is horrible int the city?!)

Some memorable moments:
*Me pulling yet another "Stacee" and walking right into the cable on the bridge (nice timing with the camera, M.J.!)
*The beginning of M.J.
*Angela shooting up in the bathroom at Carmines
*Waiting FOREVER late at night to get into the oh so popular
Serendipity...which we ended up leaving and not even getting anything. They expected us to pay $8.75 per person. All we wanted was to share some frozen hot chocolate! The menus were ginormous and of course the seating was super squishy. Oh, well. (Sorry Les!)
Getting a cab back to the mainland from Brooklyn. Leslie and I dying from a serious poor choice in footwear. People trying to steal a cab from us when Angela blurted out "swiper no swiping". And Jenny's priceless face in the pic inside the cab!
One of my favorite things we did during the trip was walk the Brooklyn Bridge. It was really cool. I felt guilty doing it with out Danny, he would have loved it.

We went and saw Hairspray. It was hilarious, and good thing too. We waited in the half price ticket line for like an hour. It was worth every penny! (Any Cheers fans...Norm played the mom, sooo funny)

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