Monday, February 4, 2008

As Promised Jess!

Here are some of the final pictures that Jesse did for us. Sorry Jess, I couldn't wait to put up the finished ones. I love them, they turned out great! ( I just wish Rani would have smiled a little more!) Thanks again Jess!


Matt and Jordan said...

Stacee! Im glad to see you have a blog! Congrats on the cute little girl, she is beautiful! Whit and I just set up a page a month or so ago, its good to see everyone.

Lindsay said...

Stacee, I saw your family pictures on Jesse's website (& then of course here), but they are awesome! You all look so good! And Rani couldn't be more beautiful!!!

Amber said...

Hey how are you? This is a blast from the past. I talked to Whitney a couple months ago and she told me about her blog. When I was looking at hers I saw a link to yours and checked it out. Your little girl is sooooo cute! I didn't even know that you had a little one. I have 3 boys now and life is crazy. I'm not a fellow blogger, but one day I may be. My email is, if you can send me yours so that I can find out how you are. It's been way too long and I want to catch up, Jose and I also miss you terribly. Tell Danny we said hi and give Rani a huge hug and kiss from me.
Love ya.